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Nutritional consultation


Personalized nutrition education journey for each person

Healthy nutrition for adults

Healthy nutrition for children/adolescents

Nutrition in obesity, diabetes and metabolic diseases

Nutrition for gastrointestinal conditions (eg.

gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis)

Nutrition in allergy, food intolerance

Nutrition during pregnancy/breastfeeding

Sports nutrition 

Nutrition in eating disorders

What does it mean?

Journey NutriStudio

Journey NutriStudio is based on the idea of a healthy, continuous and long-lasting diet! The main objective is not to experience change as a sacrifice, but as an important step towards improving the quality of everyday life.

At Nutristudio "diet" does not mean something restrictive, but a lifestyle!

Stages nutritional counseling:

1. Initial consultation 

What are we going to do

Analysis the patient by:

- Measurement of anthropometric parameters (weight, body mass index, circumference, fat mass, lean mass, percentage of body water)

- Collection of medical history

- Food investigation (habit investigationand food preferences) 

Setting goals (e.g. weight control,disease management, sports performance)


The complete situation at the beginning of the journey and the patient's goals

Next steps

(If the patient decides to continue the journey)

Completing the food diary for the following week

consultanta nutritionala
 Duration 40 minutes 
15 EURO 
2. Personalized diet

What we are going to do

Teaching and discussing the new personalized food plan:

- Review and discuss the results of the first meeting and the food diary

- Comparison between the current diet in the food diary and the new food plan

- Establishing in detail how to achieve the predetermined objectives


Personalized one-week diet model, based on: 

- Initial situation (nutritional status of the body)

- The patient's goals

- Current or target physical activity

- Food preferences and eating habits (e.g. available time and place to eat, time and habits in the kitchen,frequency of meals at the restaurant)

Next steps

Ongoing support (by phone and whatsapp)

Scheduling monitoring/adjustment visits


Dieta personalizata

 Duration 60 minutes 


3. Visit Monitoring/Adjustment

What are we going to do

- Monitoring the changes

- Measurement of anthropometric parameters to validate the effectiveness of the course

- Adjustments to the food plan


Improve nutrition until we reach that balance that allows you to be independent in everyday life.


I suggest at least 4 biweekly follow-up visitsana

Obviously, depending on your needs, we can plan together solutions the most suitable.

Vizita de monitorizare

Duration 30 minutes



 I am waiting for you in the office to start the journey! 

Schedule whenever you want: 


Nutritional consulting service is also


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